Twos Program

Twos Program

Welcome to the Twos Room at Hampton Lane!

In the Two's Room, we understand that each child is a blossoming individual with distinct needs and preferences. Our educators are empowered to utilize the Creative Curriculum philosophy and Ages and Stages to craft innovative and engaging experiences that cater to the unique learning journey of every child. We believe that creating a warm and loving atmosphere is essential for our students to feel valued and cherished.

The Early Preschool Program uses a language-rich program. Our youngest students are encouraged to explore their world, following their natural curiosity to learn and become more independent each day.

Our dedicated staff members are educationally qualified to implement a developmentally challenging curriculum that focuses on fostering healthy self-esteem, building confidence in interactions, and nurturing a path toward independence. Together, we'll create a foundation of love, care, and learning that will shape their future.

Our Twos classroom is also referred to as the Bears.