Threes Program

Threes Program

Step into the Threes Room at Hampton Lane!

Our Threes Program is our Preschool Program at Hampton Lane Child Development Center.

As children become more independent in day-to-day life skills, they are given even more opportunities to learn about the world around them through hands-on experiences that involve language and literature, math and science, social studies, creative arts and fine motor activities.

Our Threes Room educators are encouraged to leverage the principles of the Creative Curriculum philosophy and Ages and Stages to create meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences. We take pride in fostering an atmosphere that is loving, nurturing, and positive—where every child feels valued and loved for their individuality.

Our staff members bring educational qualifications that empower them to deliver a developmentally challenging curriculum. We focus on encouraging students to develop a healthy self-image, gain confidence in their interactions with peers and adults, and move toward greater independence.

The Preschool class is referred to a the Tigers.