Welcome to Hampton Lane

A path to a bright future

where your child will play to learn and learn to grow!

At Hampton Lane Child Development Center, we believe that what we learn becomes part of who we are. We know that when play has a purpose it can inspire minds. It opens doors to creativity, encourages natural curiosity and develops social and emotional growth. This ultimately creates a love for learning which is the foundation for a successful and happy child.

Hampton Lane Child Development Center playground

Hampton Lane Child Development Center is a non-profit preschool, licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and Office of Child Care as an approved preschool program. We are recognized by the Maryland Excels Program as a center that meets high quality standards.

Hampton Lane utilizes an MSDE-approved curriculum called Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies.

HLCDC is an outreach program of Towson United Methodist Church.

Education for children ages 2-5 years old

Preschool for
children ages
2 through 5
years old

Open year-round Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:45pm

Open year-round,
Monday through Friday
from 7:00am to 5:45pm

We offer three schedules based on your child's age

We offer
three schedules
5 days a week (M-F)
3 days a week (M,W,F)
2 days a week (T,TH)

What our Raving Fans say...

“Hampton Lane has been an amazing start to our son’s education. Going into the summer 3’s class was his first time in daycare/school and it was a huge adjustment for him. Everyone at Hampton Lane made him feel welcome, nurtured and cared for, as a result he has grown and learned so much during his time there. All the teachers and staff truly make you feel like you are part of the Hampton Lane family and I am so lucky to have found it.”

The Fedor Family

“Hampton Lane has been a godsend for my family. My daughters attended the 2’s, 3’s and pre-k classes, which set them up socially and academically for kindergarten and beyond. I saw huge differences between their skills and other children’s abilities and social awareness who did not attend pre-school. HLCDC teachers are caring and supportive and go the extra mile to make sure our children are safe, happy and thriving. I’m eternally grateful to all of the staff at HLCDC.”

Melisa Deane Casses
Proud parent of HLCDC alumni

“Our family absolutely loves Hampton Lane. From the moment we enrolled our daughter, Olivia, we have felt like our family grew exponentially. The Program Director, teachers, aides, and staff are so very caring, loving, attentive, and smart. They look after our daughter as if she were their own. Their utmost desire is to enrich the lives of our children, creatively, socially, and academically. Olivia loves going to school every morning. As a working parent, it helps tremendously to know that our daughter loves her daily program, and will be cared for the way I would if she were home with me. We couldn’t be happier to be part of such a wonderful program. Thank you, Hampton Lane!”

Justin, Leah & Olivia Childers
(The Childers Family)

Hampton Lane is an absolute gem! My daughter loves going to school every day and is thriving both academically and emotionally. The staff is friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. They know each child’s strengths and help you address behavioral concerns. The curriculum is fun, engaging, and effective. We love hearing about the amazing things my daughter does each day, and we are impressed with her academic growth. She has been well prepared for Kindergarten. As a working parent, I know my child is in good hands when I drop her off each morning. We are sad that our daughter’s time at Hampton Lane is coming to an end soon, and we look forward to sending our younger child there in a few years. I highly recommend Hampton Lane to prospective parents.

Pre-K parents

We have been thrilled with the care our daughter has received at Hampton Lane.  We have been especially impressed with the level of attention and thoughtfulness they’ve shown in getting to know and understand her as an individual.  As she got adjusted to the school, they were always watching her closely and trying different things to help her understand her new environment.  The teachers all seem to know and care about ALL the kids, even the ones who aren’t in their particular class (for example, a teacher in the next class up not only knows all the children, but also the names of all their stuffed animals).  They always treat the children with kindness and patience while teaching them how to behave appropriately.  They also do a
wonderful job of instilling a real love of learning — nature, science, letters and music all seem to be a form of play here.  Our daughter is thriving at Hampton Lane and we are deeply grateful for her amazing teachers!

Justin and Jessica Brody

I have been lucky enough to have both of my children attend Hampton Lane Child Development Center! The school’s staff is top-notch; consistently demonstrating their care for my children. Both of my children have benefited from HLCDC on both an academic and social level. I can’t say enough good things about HLCDC!

Courtney Murphy