About Us

About Us

Hampton Lane Child Development Center is a high-quality preschool that provides a warm, loving and safe learning environment where all children are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. Hampton Lane uses the MSDE approved Creative Curriculum along with the Ages and Stages screening tool. We incorporate a language-rich environment along with literature, mathematics, science, social studies, creative arts and fine and gross motor skills through developmentally appropriate activities using hands on discovery and active involvement. The instructional methods include individual instruction, small group and whole group activities. Additional enrichment experiences include a music curriculum with performances, outreach programs, field trips, guest readers and chapel.

Our Mission

Hampton Lane CDC is a ministry outreach under the leadership of the Director and support from the Towson United Methodist Church Board. We promote positive values such as honesty, empathy, fairness, caring, cooperation, respect and acceptance. We provide opportunities for children to become familiar with the values and traditions that define Christianity. Once or twice a month, the children will have a special, non-denominational gathering in the church sanctuary with a Pastor. During this time the children sing songs, share stories and learn about common Christian beliefs and values.

Our Philosophy

We use a Positive Discipline philosophy where we nurture the child’s problem-solving techniques, social skills, and self-confidence through positive reinforcement, encouragement and modeled behavior. The key element is to show respect in all situations. Time for reflection, calming one’s body, and helping the child find the appropriate words to describe their needs, frustrations and feelings is utilized fully. However, if a child’s behavior escalates, the parents will be informed and a conference may be requested in order to develop a behavior modification plan.

Hampton Lane CDC does not discriminate against race, color, national origin or religion when accepting children into the center or when hiring employees.