Parent Communication

We have several avenues for sharing news and information with parents. Each child has a cubby outside their classroom, which is used to contain notes from your teachers, as well as art projects and class activities.

Weekly Lesson Plans: Our parents will receive a weekly lesson plan which will keep you updated on the activities, themes and curriculum in your child’s class. The weekly lesson plans are sent via e-mail as well as making paper copies available, if needed, they are also posted outside each classroom.

Monthly Newsletters: Hampton Lane creates a monthly newsletter to keep the parents informed on upcoming events and center-wide news. The weekly lesson plans are sent via e-mail as well as making paper copies available, if needed. They are also posted on the “Parents on Board Bulletin Board.”

“Two’s-Tid-bits”: The Two’s class are given daily reports detailing the day’s activities including meals, class activities and bathroom chart.

“Parents on Board Bulletin Board”: We have a parents bulletin board which contains pertinent information, resources and calendars.

Calendars: A monthly and yearly calendar is posted on the parents bulletin board.

Parent/Teacher bulletin boards: Located outside the individual classrooms , includes the weeks lesson plan, information pertaining to that class and the classroom schedules.

Teacher white boards: Our teachers write notes on white boards daily during naptime and display them outside the classroom. They are a great communication tool; we recommend reading it to your child to open up the avenues of discussion.

Extra announcements during the week will be e-mailed or placed in cubbies if requested.

Facebook: Hampton Lane has a Facebook page where school activities and pictures are posted. Only family members may request to be Friends on our Private page.

Remind: Hampton Lane has a text service called Remind. It is primarily used for school closures or important announcements.