Discipline Philosophy

Our philosophy of discipline is to nurture the child’s self image through developmentally appropriate guidance. This fosters positive experiences and demonstrates a respect for the child and his/her feelings. The goal is to develop self-control, problem solving techniques, and to help the child make better decisions in the future.

The faculty sets clear, consistent and fair expectations for classroom behavior. The staff uses proper supervision strategies, as well as redirecting the child to more socially acceptable behaviors and/or alternate activities. The staff will model problem solving solutions by talking through alternatives and using logical consequences of actions. Occasionally, allowing time for reflection and the ability to re-gain self control may be used, usually utilizing a quiet center area such as the library. Open communication and modeling polite language that the child can understand and use is crucial in developing empathetic children. Children’s mistakes are important learning opportunities. The faculty listen to children when they talk about their feelings or frustrations, provide the words to use, and patiently remind them of the rules and their rationale as needed. It is hoped that each child is an effective member of the group, accepting responsibility, and sharing in the work while helping each other.