Staff and Staff Ratios

Hampton Lane has a dedicated staff of full time and part-time faculty members, each certified by MSDE to teach in the Center. We are proud to say that all of our full time Teachers have Associates, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. The faculty participates in several continued educational training courses through-out the year, usually exceeding the state required amount. We also employ several part-time teachers’ assistants and aides that are currently in college working on their degree or their Masters degree in early education or a related field. Our teachers are also encouraged to take part in the Maryland Credentialing Program.

All staff members are required to adhere to the MSDE regulations for employment before they can begin work, including background checks with the state of Maryland and the FBI. Our staff members attend a new employee orientation training before they begin work in the classrooms. Hampton Lane also requires the teachers to be CPR and First Aid Certified and to obtain Medication Administration training within the first year of employment.

Our faculty is chosen on the basis of their specialized education, experience and sensitivity to the needs of young children.

We continuously exceed the faculty to child ratio expectations set forth by the Maryland State Department of Education’s Office of Child Care.

  • State requires…For the Two’s age group, the licensing ratio is 1 teacher to every 6 children
  • HLCDC maintains 2- 3 teachers to 12 children
  • State requires…For Three’s and Pre-K age group, the licensing ratio is 1 teacher to every 10 children
  • HLCDC maintains 2 teachers in the Three’s class
  • HLCDC maintains 2 teachers in the Pre-K class