Educational Philosophy

Hampton Lane is a Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) approved preschool program that uses the MSDE approved Creative Curriculum. It is a basis for planning developmentally appropriate activities and skills through hands on discovery and active involvement.

The curriculum addresses the whole child and includes experiences with language and literature, mathematics and science, social studies, creative arts, and fine and gross motor activities. Infused throughout the children’s whole day is the attention given to their personal, social and emotional development. The faculty is committed to encouraging children to develop a healthy self-image, to gain confidence in interactions with their peers and adults, and to grow toward independence. We value children’s individual differences, their creativity, their growing independence, and encourage them to become confident thinkers and problem solvers.

The instructional methods used are age appropriate small group, individual, and whole group activities as well as providing opportunities for individual choice in developmentally appropriate learning centers. Themes are chosen based on nature’s cycles, interests of the children, knowledge of child development, and special interests of the teachers. The curriculum content is planned from what children already know to support children gaining the skills, knowledge and understanding of what they need to know. In the developmentally appropriate environment children benefit from new experiences and develop the tools and skills needed to achieve their own level of excellence.