Christian Philosophy

Towson United Methodist Church provides a valuable community service through Hampton Lane Child Development Center by providing quality early childhood education and childcare services. In addition, the church further serves the community and supports its mission statement by providing opportunities for children to become familiar with the values and traditions that define Christianity. This is facilitated by the teachers in their lesson planning where Christian concepts can be naturally incorporated into other established curriculum areas, and in a way that lends itself to the interests of young children.

Hampton Lane Child Development Center welcomes families from all religions. We value opportunities to teach children to respect diversity in our world. We respect the children in our Center who may have a non-Christian heritage and encourage them to share their special traditions and beliefs with their classmates and teachers.

Twice a month during the school year (summer excluded) Towson United Methodist Church provides a special gathering in the Sanctuary for the children. The children share stories and sing songs where a non-denominational message is taught.