About Us

Hampton Lane Child Development Center is a non-profit organization and an outreach ministry of Towson United Methodist Church. The Center has served community families since 1978. The church holds the license for the Center. We are one of the few preschools in Baltimore to have operated under the same license for over 37 years. The Center has built an incredible reputation. Towson United Methodist Church wanted to help working families in the community by providing a preschool center within the daycare hours.

Hampton Lane Child Development Center started out as a small program and has grown over the years. However, we strive to keep a small, warm, family atmosphere throughout the center. We enroll approximately 52 students per year. We have helped to educate hundreds of children through-out the years, since 1978.

Church sponsorship and supervision is a relationship many families have confidence in and seek for their children. The Church nominates a Child Development Center Committee, which acts as the Centers board of directors. This committee meets monthly. Over the years we have been blessed with guidance and help from many, many talented men and women in the congregation who have contributed their time and talent to the Center’s operation.